Discord Bot Hosting

Our Discord bot hosting allows you to host your Discord bot 24/7 on our nodes. You'll have full access to the files via our control panel or SFTP in addition to our control panel to control the bot and access the console.

Our bot hosting supports a variety of languages and frameworks including Discord.JS, Discord.py and JDA. If we don't support the language you want to use, get in touch and we can add it!

Plans range from 500MB to 5GB. We can offer custom packages if these don't meet your requirements. All servers come with a soft-limit of 7GB SSD storage, we increase this on request.

Bot Hosting

From $2 / Mo

  • i7 Processor
  • DDR4 Memory
  • SSD Storage
  • 250Mbps Uplink
  • Supports Java, Python and NodeJS.

Powerful Hardware

With our Intel i7 processors and SSD drives you can rest assured that your bot will always be running at its best performance.


DDoS Protection

Our priority is keeping your server online 24/7, DDoS attacks are automatically detected and mitigated free of charge!


Quality Support

Fast and knowledgeable support, all of our team have extensive experience within the industry. We are here to help!


99.9% Uptime

We achieve at least a 99.9% uptime across all nodes. If downtime occurs, you will be correctly compensated!


Instant Activation

Servers are automatically activated as soon as payment is completed, no waiting around for somebody to manually process your order!


Control Panel

Our powerful and easy to use control panel lets you manage your server, edit it's configuration, set schedules and much more.

Still not sure?

Try out our 2-day trial to see if we are right for you!